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    With over 15 years of experience in Business in many sectors, Adele is now a Change Maker at The Missing Piece Company


    Adele is helping Entrepreneurs define their Vision, Business direction and ensure teams are working together in harmony.


    With a passion for communication and digital, Adele is constantly looking at the Future and what's coming next.


    Adele and the Missing Piece want to work with entrepreneurs who make a difference in the world... if you are one of them don't hesitate to get in touch!


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  • About Adele

    Working with people and their passions

    With a BSc in European Business and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosocial Studies, she worked for big multinationals as well as start ups all around Europe and the USA.


    After running retail businesses in Italy and developing brands in the pharmaceutical, beauty and IT sectors, she moved to the UK to work in sales and marketing for an american multinational, looking after all european retailers, before becoming an independent consultant and collaborating with a number of smaller businesses.


    In the past 7 years Adele has developed as an independent consultant, after helping and supporting the leisure industry as well as a College and 6th Form and a YouTube content creator, she's currently developing Future Strategy, Vision and Culture for medium size clients across Europe and South Africa.


    She specialises in digital media and has a passion for developing businesses and great ideas, making them into real life successful projects.

    Adele believes in social enterprises and has worked with Social Enterprise UK to launch the Social Enterprise Mark. In her spare time she’s a keen beach volleyball player.

  • The Blog

    Adele's thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    March 18, 2018
    November 13, 2016 · Business,Mindset,Growth
  • How We Can Help

    With her team of experts, Adele can help you achieve the business, marketing and communication strategies you need to succeed.

    Design and content creation

    Keeping your customers engaged

    We will look after all Marketing and Communication for your business, integrating with your current structure and keeping everything running smoothly, on time and to budget.

    Digital marketing

    Keeping you up to date

    With a view to always maximising results, Adele specialises in digital marketing. Whether it's mobile, social media, video or website marketing she will make sure that you're always visible to the customers who matter most to you. 

    Tool up your team

    Give your people what they need to excel

    Adele’s role is to empower your team and ensure long term success in all your activities - which means communicating and training across your organisation.

  • Social Media Presentation 

    How to get the best out of Social Media - Created for SHINE 2016

  • Our Clients

    Wave Leisure Trust


    A Trust inspiring local communities to Life Life and be active every day, whilst working with local communities. Wave brings fitness directly to remote communities but also manages 7 structures in the Lewes District. Expanding on its successes Wave now also manages Newhaven Fort and a Tumble Tots Franchise.



    A network of Italian companies launching in the UK to make the world paperless.
    They provide digitisation services to multinationals concentrating on the last mile.
    Mida, a company in the network digitised the DaVinci Code.


    Ringmer Academy

    National Sustainable Academy with specialisms in Technology and the Arts. Offering personalised learning packages and support to all students, including Sixth Form.


    Sunbed Association

    The Sunbed Association (TSA) is the voice of the industry for tanning salon operators, manufacturers and distributors of indoor tanning equipment. Sunbed users seek out members of TSA where they can tan responsibly and with confidence.



    Italian talent agency representing the best YouTube stars in Italy. Over 15 Million total YouTube followers. Main talent FavJ – Greta Menchi – Anima – St3pny.


    Past clients include...

    Business Across Borders

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